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  • The style of choice in home textiles
  • Since its introduction to the home textile industry in 2005, Valeron has been shaping living spaces with clean and innovative collections that feature patterns and colors new to home textile. Valeron carries itself into every room with style, changing spaces with quality and refinement.
  • The refined style of Valeron is available in a wide range of home textile products including sheets, covers, blankets, bed covers, bathrobes and towels, curtain, runners and throws, decorative products, and accessories. Bedding in satin and jacquard fabrics bring a lustrous refinement to your bedroom, while Valeron embroidery, lace and broderie, prints and colors impress the beholder. Valeron's sophisticated and personalized style in the bedroom can extend from the contemporary with bright colors and bold patterns, to the classic with lace, embroidery and gold, or fun and lighthearted with colorful patterns.
  • Clean lines and neutral tones create a soothing atmosphere while details impress, showing how Valeron can be at once chic and sleek.
  • Having made a name for itself in the European home textile market, Valeron is also available at its Zorlu Center flagship store, and select Taç Konsept and Linens Stores across Turkey. The brand is in high demand in Europe as well as Central Asia and the UAE, meeting consumers at over 200 retail locations in almost 50 countries.
  • The other brands owned by the Zorlu Textile Group are Kristal, Casabel, Brielle and Bianca Luna. The Group also has the license rights to Pierre Cardin Home.
  • The extensive collections featuring premium products are the result of dedicated R&D and design teams within Zorlu Textile as they draw on their expertise and experience to create high-quality products that will stand the test of time.

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