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  • TAÇ and Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) partnered for the Classroom in My Colors project, where pictures drawn by children are transformed into curtains, and workshops are held to educate children on volunteerism and coexisting peacefully. The project has so far reached 3723 children in 48 schools across 14 provinces of Turkey, namely Erzincan, Diyarbakır, Istanbul, Izmir, Kütahya, Mardin, Samsun, Kastamonu, Kayseri, Kocaeli, Manisa, Sivas, Şanlıurfa and Van.
  • Workshops held with volunteers from TOG and Zorlu Textile encouraged children to draw pictures that expressed their creativity, and their drawings were transformed into curtains at TAÇ production facilities. The project decorated 48 schools in 14 provinces with the curtains drawn by their own students, bringing a touch of vibrant color and building children's sense of belonging to their school.
  • Children's workshops for a better life
  • As part of the "Classroom in My Colors” project, workshops were held to raise the awareness of schoolchildren on volunteerism, solidarity, civil society and peaceful coexistence, and empower them to take on the responsibility for a better life. Workshops facilitated by Community Volunteers encouraged children to reflect upon caring, taking responsibility for volunteer action, and protecting the rights of living beings, and reinforce these practices through games. The project will continue to engage children in 2019.
  • “Design One for Yourself” was a social responsibility project undertaken by Zorlu Textile Group's flagship brand TAÇ from 2003 to 2016.
  • The objectives of Zorlu Textile Group in holding the competition were to encourage unique designs with the potential to launch a new fashion in home textile, elicit free thought and artistic creativity from candidates, help to build a design identity in home textile, and contribute to industry-education partnership. The competition was launched in 2003 and grew year by year in content and participation, receiving the support of the Home Textile Industrialists' Association of Turkey (TETSİAD), the leading professional organization in the industry.
  • The “Design One for Yourself” competition was open to the students of Fine Arts and Architecture Faculties as well as Art and Craft Teaching students of Teaching Faculties, and the awards included cash prizes in addition to internships at Zorlu Textile, scholarships by the Mehmet Zorlu Foundation, and special prizes from TETSİAD.
  • More than 150,000 trees have been planted since the "Memorial Woods" forestation project was launched by the Zorlu Textile Group in 2010.
  • Implemented by the Zorlu Textile Group with the support of the Mehmet Zorlu Foundation, the project has so far planted 24,000 cedar and black pine trees in the Deveçatı and Çeşmekolu areas of Lüleburgaz; 56,000 cedars and black pines on an area of 28 hectares in the Osmancık area of Lüleburgaz, and 19,300 black pines on 6.2 hectares within the Kırklareli Burgaz Forestation Zone. The Group's social responsibility projects in forestation have so far completely offset the CO2 emissions of the Zorlu textile plant in Lüleburgaz.
  • The Zorlu Textile Group firmly adheres to environmental regulations and strives to be a leading actor in environmental initiatives in Turkey and Europe. The “Zorlu Textile Woods” project implemented to mitigate the CO2 emissions of the Lüleburgaz plant is our commitment to protecting existing woodland and regeneration of forests, and emphasizes the stewardship corporations must have for the environment.
  • TAÇ and TEMA Foundation partnered for a project to support recycling for more sustainable use of the world's resources. The "Replace Your Sheets" campaign called everyone to bring their old bedsheets to TAÇ locations to purchase new TAÇ linens at special discounts while helping to recycle old bed sheets. For each recycled set of sheets, TEMA Foundation contributed to the donation of 1 tree to the TAÇ Memorial Woods in Çanakkale Doğandere, and certificates were issued to 10,000 customers who took part in the donation campaign.

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