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  • Zorluteks Textile was established in 1980s. Over time, quality improvements and rising demand in the market brought investments and growth in equipment, space and workforce. Facilities were refurbished with the latest, electronic weaving and knitting machinery, and the improvement in technology showed in the quality of the products.
  • The 60,000-m² plant was eventually sectioned into Knitting, Weaving and Warping units. The Research & Development and Product Development teams within the facility develop thousands of different patterns to suit the tastes of diverse national and international markets.
  • Commissioned in 1997, the home textile manufacturing facility consists of 4 different plants: weaving and knitting, treatment, and 2 readymade plants. The facility is Europe's largest manufacturer of cotton home textiles. Expanding over an indoor area of 130,000 square meters, the facility is capable of producing 94 million meters of sheets, covers, fitted sheets, tablecloths, bed covers, cotton drapery fabric, woven or terrycloth fitted sheets and pillowcases.
  • The Zorluteks Home Textile Plant is one of the few textile mills in the world that is equipped with five 20-color rotary printers capable of handling up to 320 in width, and five 16-color flat printers also capable of 320 cm width. Zorluteks is also a global leader in photographic printing. The system allows printing any photograph on the fabric with zero loss using reactive and pigment dyes and tricolor or hexacolor methods as appropriate. Zorluteks linens were the first in Turkey to feature patterns of 3D (three dimensional) appearance as it became a new trend in the world. The first digital printing machine, commissioned in 2011, was the first-ever machine in Turkey capable of handling fabric widths up to 3.2 meters. Another identical machine was commissioned in 2013. The Single Pass digital printer commissioned in 2017 can print up to 75 meters per minute. The machine does the work of 3 flat printers using conventional reactive printing, and consumes 1100 kwh of energy instead of 4800 kwh.
  • The Hometeks Readymade Factory has minimized its ecological footprint through energy and water efficiency projects, and became the world's first plant to be certified as “EcoFactory” by M&S.
  • The Zorluteks Home Textile Facility, where export markets account for 70% of the production, was the first to develop products using the new generation of materials like modal, lyocel and bamboo, and offer products containing blends of these materials to the market through its TAÇ, Linens, Valeron and licensed brands. The organic product lines of Zorluteks have been internationally certified organic since 2003. The company holds the Global Organic Textile Standard-GOTS certificate and was the first Turkish producer of 100% organic home textiles.

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