• Zorluteks Textile is a leading global home textile brand that extends to drapery and textile production facilities, a marketing company, and globally-recognized brands. The main activity of Zorluteks Textile is the production of yarn, drapery and home textile (bed sheets, linens, bed covers, tablecloths, coverlets).
  • Zorluteks Textile production facilities also include home textile and drapery weaving and knitting, treatment and readymade plants. The home textile production facility expands over an indoor area of 108,000 square meters and is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and looms that are capable of producing over 96 million meters of sheets, covers, fitted sheets, tablecloths, bed covers, cotton drapery fabric, and towels. The drapery plant has an upgraded machinery inventory and an indoor area of 60,000 square meters capable of serving both domestic and export markets. Key export markets of United States, Europe and Russia account for 62% of the production capacity, and the remaining capacity supplies Turkey's leading brands such as Taç and Linens.
  • With extensive facilities and vast capacity, dedicated workforce, excellent product quality, commitment to employee health and the environment, and outstanding working conditions, Zorluteks Textile is among the largest and most advanced integrated textile mills in the world.
  • The head office in Istanbul undertakes coordination of home textile product manufacture and distribution in CIS and overseas countries in addition to the domestic market.

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